Angel of Tears

My name is Angel of Tears. I'm an 18 year old girl that lives in the evil corn fields of Iowa. I currently attend a community college, where I am the editor-in-cheif of the newspaper. When I'm not playing video games, going to classes or working, I enjoy writing, reading, hanging out, watching anime, jumping on my trampoline and playing soccer. I am an experianced fan fiction writer and unlike a lot of people, I write fairly good song fics.

ReviewableFollow Me- "Follow Me" came to mind when I was listening to the Uncle Kracker song with the same name. I had been playing a lot of Final Fantasy 4 at the time and I thought that Rosa should have fallen in love with Kain. He's so much cooler than Cecil anyway.

I got to thinking then since she does end up with Cecil, and I'd feel bad changin' that, why not just use "Follow Me" to create a fic about her trouble feelings. Which is what this story is. Rosa's with Kain and she's really confused. She doesn't want to hurt Cecil, because she loves him but yet she love Kain too.

If you haven't figured it out yet, it's a song fic too!
Follow Me - April 16th, 2002

Final Fantasy 4 Fanfic