The Light of Life

By Angel of Death

I never thought I would die.

My name is Wiegraf Folles. I've had such a life... you'd never believe it. I once lead an army called the Death Knights, but that was a long time ago. The Fifty Year War was over, and so was my confidence in the government and the nobility.

Even the Death Corps, my organization formed to oppose the horrors of the aristocracy, has crumbled. But I guess we never stood a chance against them. They had too much power, too much influence... people hated us. It's still too painful to face.

I was branded as a traitor. I was considered evil, a terrorist who must be killed.

That isn't even the worst part.

In the whole ordeal, I lost my little sister, Miluda. Miluda... you were so spirited, so loyal, so wonderful... I can't believe I let you die... and now I've failed in avenging you.

I'm so sorry for that day, that day when he came to our hideout in Fovoham, the Windmill Shed. I'm so sorry I couldn't kill him, that I let him and his repugnant friend escape. I can't apologize enough. I hate him more than anything else, but I can't do anything to stop him anymore...

Him. Ramza Beoulve.

He's going to get away with killing us both now, Miluda.

I'm a Zodiac Brave now and I still can't stop him? Isn't there anything I can do? There must be a way... but is it too late?

I must escape... I must survive... to get another chance to kill him...

"Are you OK, Wiegraf!!"

That voice... Izlude!


It's him... Ramza... so that's his sister... maybe now he'll understand what it's like to lose a sister...

Summoning every last bit of energy I have, I tell Izlude to flee.

"Go... Izlude..."

"Sorry, Wiegraf!"

There he goes. Yes... it's a small bit of revenge, but now Ramza will suffer at least a little more... because of me.

But, no... I let Izlude go... I'm going to die! No! I can't die...!

"Wait, Izlude!"

That voice. Him, it's always him! I hate him! If there's one thing that might be able to keep me alive, it's my burning anger! I must kill him...! Ramza, your head will be mine!


He's looking at me now. I can't make him out clearly, but I'll bet he's mocking me... I'll bet he thinks so little of me. I hate him more than he can imagine...! I can't die here, not yet!

But at the same time as I feel so empowered by hate, I feel just as pathetic. I know I'm about to die, and there's nothing I can do about it...

"Damn... I can't die here. I can't face my dead allies without avenging Miluda... No... I don't want to die..."

I no longer have any life... my life... it's over... even this stupid stone can't do anything. I wonder why they gave it to me? Joining the Shrine Knights was a mistake, there is no power here. The power belongs to the aristocrats still, even the church can't stand up to them. I just wanted to stop them... for Miluda and I to have a world where we're actually thought of as being people. We're not animals...!

But now I feel like one... about to be slaughtered...

Good-b... wait... what...? The stone... it's floating...?

"Holder of the Holy Stone... Promise me..."

What? What's going on? How did that... how did the stone speak?

"What...? The stone... spoke...?"

Him... he should shut up... I wish... what does the stone want... what does it mean...?

"Holder of the Holy Stone... Promise me... Your spirit will unite with my flesh to live forever."

...! Did it just say what I think it said? I can live...!? But, wait, how is this possible? How did this happen...?

"Is this the stone's secret?"

"Your despair and resentment called me... Now promise me..."

I resent him... I need this chance... but what will happen? This is too risky... this is too much for me... I can't...

But I must. This is the only way I will live, and the only way I can kill him is if I live.

Miluda, I may be damned by doing this. I have a horrible feeling about this, but Miluda, for you I will live! I will avenge you, and then I may finally rest... but until then, I will live!

Stone, give me life!

"No, Wiegraf, don't open that!"

You... trying to stop me... you fool! Your death and the darkness are all that await you!

"Help... me..."

That blue light... flashing... it feels so warm, so powerful. The stone is descending...? Towards me?

"I am Velius... the devil. Your wish is granted."

The devil!? I've just sold my soul... no! No!

I can feel it entering me... the evil... the power... flowing through with each and every bit of that blue light, that blue radiant energy. It's circling me... surrounding me... firing beams in every direction. Where am I? I can't see anything... I hear an explosion! Wait... I'm here again... what happened? What happened to my... body...

I'm reborn! I'm powerful!

"This is the Stone's power!"

My body... look at me! I'm strong again! I'm stronger than ever!


You! You're still there, aren't you? Ha, Ramza, you fool... now I'm strong! I'm undeniably powerful! I have a new body, a new life... Miluda, I'm still here!

"Ramza, its power is magnificent!"

I can feel it infiltrating my brain... my consciousness... flooding me with knowledge. Flooding my very essence with power, knowledge... but what's this feeling of despair... as if I'm losing my very mind?

"No, not just the power. Centuries of knowledge ingrained into my brain!"

He's drawing his sword? That pathetic fool. Does he really expect to beat me now? I think I'll be kind... and spare him for now. I'll make him suffer knowing his time is soon to come!

"Hya, ha... easy... save some for later...!"

The power... it's overwhelming... it's amazing... I feel so wonderful, and so weak at the same time. As if my soul is weaker while my body is stronger... but no matter! I'm alive!

"Hya, ha... superb... superb power...!"

The thunder is furiously loud now. I can hear the storm... the amazing fury of the storm. Soon I will be like that, able to strike fear into the hearts of all those who have hurt me, just as lightning strikes freely in the sky. I will bring death to all those who would have harmed Miluda and I!

My body disappears once again in a flash of light. I'm going to meet up with Vormav... no, with Hashmalum. Wait, who's Hashmalum...?

'He is our leader. Soon you will be one of us, Wiegraf.'

Velius...? Is that... you?

'Yes. Soon you and I will truly be one... and then you will no longer exist. You've pledged your spirit to us. You are now a part of Lucavi.'

My spirit is yours, if you'll only let me avenge my sister...

'You will kill Ramza. I promise. But your reasons will be different by the time you meet him again... by then, Miluda will no longer mean anything to you.'

...! No! Miluda! Help me, Miluda!

'She knows what you've done. She no longer sees you as her brother. You gave into something she fought against... she believed devoutly in God and St. Ajora, hoping they would save both you and her. She didn't want to be avenged as much as you thought. She frowns upon you, now...'

Miluda... I...

I am... your brother... no, not anymore... I'm not even human anymore...

I am no longer Wiegraf Folles...

I am Velius.

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