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Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfiction
ReviewableIn the Life of a Holy Knight- Do not read this book from the beginning to end! For those new to Choose Your Own Adventure, this is a series of books in which you take on the role of the story's main character. As you read, you will occasionally be asked to make a choice. After your decision, follow the instructions to see what happens to you next. Your choice may lead to success or disaster! This story in particular is meant to be a prequel to Squaresoft's Final Fantasy Tactics - before Ramza is old enough to be a hero.

A long war, fifty years long, between Ivalice and Ordalia has strained both kingdoms' resources. Yet brewing in the background, more tensions could lead to a civil war thereafter between the Princes Larg and Goltana of Ivalice. As a young knight of the Order of the Holy Sword, it is up to you to find out just how real these tensions are, and how they can be abated. But beware! You could be impaled by Prince Goltana or teleported forward in time to the world of Final Fantasy VII. Or you could find a way to end the 50 Years War and prevent the Lion War altogether!
In the Life of a Holy Knight - October 13th, 2001

Final Fantasy Tactics Fanfic