Curse of Time Prologue

By Andy DuVigneau

The day was anamazing blend of fresh air, bright blue cloudless skies, beautiful mountains, and one long field of tall grass swaying in the mild breeze. The only disruption of this peaceful beauty was one teenaged boy standing by himself; staring out at the distant mountains, his shoulder length blonde hair waving in the breeze, glinting green eyes scanning the field, with a loose fitting shirt, slightly baggy pants, and the family katana strapped to his back.

His name was Dario. And for some odd reason, everyone referred to him as Prince Dario, like it was a title.

For Dario, his life was a tumult of newfound friends and bitter enemies. Everyday he met a new person, or fought anenemy. But soon, his life as he knows it will be ruined forever….

Chapter 1

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