Aeris Strife

My name is Meagan Ehrhardt. I'm a 13-year old girl with an overactive imagination. I like to draw, write, and read. I'm a nice person, when some one hasn't ruined my good mood. I'm not a weirdo, I just act my age! I often write about romance, because romance is just the best.

Legend of Zelda Fanfic
ReviewedHearts and Heartbreak- This is a story about Link nine years after he put the Master Sword in the Temple of Time, for the last time. I admit it has some parts that are a little racey, but it still turned out pretty well.
Hearts and Heartbreak - July 15th, 1999

ReviewableHearts and Heartache- Starting off right after Hearts and Heartbreak. Malon will prove how much Link really means to her. A new villan threatens Malon's life with Link forever.
Hearts and Heartache - January 1st, 2000

ReviewableThe Return- Link and Malon's children have grown up. A threat once again plauges Hyrule. Three other children join them in a quest. One will save all of Hyrule, and three will become the new protectors of the Triforce.
The Return - January 1st, 2000

Legend of Zelda Fanfic